Pool landscaping is the final phase of creating your backyard oasis after your in-ground swimming pool has been completely installed. Formal landscaping services use a variety of trees, plants, hardscaping, and outdoor decor to blend your pool into its new surroundings. B&B Custom Pools in Emmaus, Pennsylvania, works closely with independent local landscapers to give your outdoor living space the finished look you desire, which can be as simple or as ornate as you want.

Overhead view of landscaped backyard with swimming pool

Visualizing Your Design

Pool landscaping is much more than plants and trees. It includes beautiful walkways, patios, water features, lighting, and everything else it takes to create a stunning backyard retreat. You might find it difficult to picture what your backyard could look like, but we can help with that.

Visualization is the crucial first step to creating the outdoor space you’ve always dreamed about. That’s why we take a design-first approach to your backyard transformation and lay out the whole project in one comprehensive plan. Using our CAD/3D modeling abilities, we make it easier for you to visualize how your new swimming pool and outdoor oasis will look after your design is fully executed.

Design Phase

We use vivid, life-like 3D modeling for your pool design and work with top landscapers who also create plans that can be easily implemented during the construction phase. We encourage you to share your ideas during the design phase to ensure we’re creating a beautiful backyard you’re going to love. Creating a detailed plan from the outset helps eliminate surprises and avoid unexpected costs during construction. It also helps make sure your outdoor space flows well and complements your home’s existing architecture.

Choosing A Landscaper

The owner of B&B Custom Pools is also a landscape designer. He works with you and the landscaper of your choice to create the perfect scheme to transform your available space into a backyard oasis. We work hand in hand with the area’s leading landscape companies to bring initial design ideas from concept to reality. Throughout the process, we make your experience as seamless as possible by overseeing every aspect of the project, eliminating the need for you to deal with multiple contractors. However, we always keep you involved in all decision-making aspects to make sure we meet your design goals and your budget.

If you haven’t already chosen a landscaper to develop your pool landscaping, our team can provide a finished design of the project for your review with the help of our in-house landscape designer. We can then bring in one of our trusted landscape partners to implement the design. Our on-staff landscape architects work with you from beginning to end to transform your outdoor dreams into reality.

Pool Landscaping Elements To Consider

Whether you want a completely natural setting or something more contemporary, we can help you achieve the look you’ve envisioned while ensuring the overall design complements your home’s architecture. Two elements often overlooked in pool landscaping designs are unsightly pool equipment and appropriate lighting.

Swimming pools require specific equipment to operate, but this equipment can detract from the overall look and feel of your backyard sanctuary. A good landscaping design hides all necessary equipment so it doesn’t stand out and become an eyesore. Some equipment can be placed out of sight around the side of your home, but other pieces must be kept near the pool to operate correctly. We work with your landscaper to create a design that camouflages this equipment, making it virtually invisible. One popular solution is using strategically placed planters and shrubs.

Functional lighting and mood lighting provide the illumination that’s conducive to nighttime activities, but they shouldn’t ruin the ambiance. With the right lighting combination in your landscape design, you can avoid having lighting that looks like a harsh spotlight across your pool. We help you design lighting that creates a dreamy atmosphere that’s still safely lit.

Get A Seamless Pool And Landscape Design

For 47 years, B&B Custom Pools has created custom in-ground concrete swimming pools for residential and commercial properties throughout the Lehigh Valley. We pride ourselves on having the highest standards, and our customers consistently praise us for designing and delivering the outdoor living spaces they’ve always wanted.

Our experts take the time to ensure you understand every step of the design and build process and work with top landscapers from the initial concept to implementation, making sure you enjoy a seamless process. Contact us at (610) 965-7665 (POOL) to schedule a free design consultation today.