Beautiful yards become extensions of the homes they surround, making outdoor living pool and patio design an essential part of any new build project or garden overhaul. Some homeowners go for a DIY approach, while others know the value of a trained eye, opting for professional design services instead. With nearly half a century in the business, B&B Custom Pools can help you create your ideal outdoor space.

Outdoor Living Design Ideas

Yards are as unique as their owners. Many people love English country gardens, while others feel inspired by the simplicity of Japanese design. Patios constructed with desirable natural stone make a great transition between indoor and outdoor living areas. If you have a sloping yard, you might incorporate wide steps from the house to the pool; if your yard is flat, you could opt for an oversize mosaic made of vibrant glazed Mexican tile. 

Excellent yard designs strike a balance between stonework, timber features, and carefully selected plants and trees. The talented independent landscapers we work with use flowering shrubs, trees, statement plants, such as yucca and New Zealand flax, and a selection of attractive perennial flowers to turn your garden into a paradise.

If you want a tropical look, consider incorporating giant canna or potted palm trees; for a more sustainable garden, choose ferns, black-eyed Susans, bee balm, and other indigenous Pennsylvania plants. Incidentally, rhododendrons provide year-round color and do very well in acid soils all over the state.

Large terracotta pots, wall-hanging containers, and wrought iron window baskets add drama to any outdoor space. Large enough to create impact, yet portable enough to bring inside during the winter months, and oversized pots are ideal for fragile plants, such as succulents, citrus trees, and orchids. Choose bold colors to complement your pool finish, or opt for containers with a muted wash if you prefer a subtle look.

Fire Away

Outdoor fires are magical on summer evenings — especially when you have company. Raised fireplaces and tables with central fire pits make a great open-air centerpiece, while pizza ovens are a fun, luxurious statement. Numerous fuel options exist, including natural gas, propane, wood, and coal. We can even incorporate fire into your pool surround. 

Perfect Pool Finish Options

Your custom pool’s interior finish gives it a distinctive ambiance. If you love a sky-blue pool, opt for simple white Marbelite plaster. For the look of a forest pool or a mountain lake, consider a pebble or quartz upgrade. We partner with NPT Pool Finishes to offer a wide variety of traditional and bold pool finish options.

Back To The Drawing Board

Every yard is one-of-a-kind, as is each custom concept we produce. Before we design your pool, we examine your yard, take soil samples, and suggest a site for your new pool. We also talk with you about any relevant building codes, wishlist items, setback requirements, and other area-specific considerations. Back at the office, we generate a detailed CAD master plan, which we send to you for final approval before we proceed to the next construction phase.

Whenever homeowners alter their properties, construction permits come into play. We have a dedicated team of people who handle permit applications so that you can focus on fun, important matters. Some townships request stormwater management calculations and formal engineering plans. In those cases, we work in tandem with Bolo Engineering to make sure pool designs are approved quickly and efficiently.

At B&B Custom Pools, customers always come first. We keep in touch with you throughout the construction process and provide one-on-one support. We’ll also teach you about pool maintenance and upkeep so that you can enjoy your investment for decades to come.

Contact Us For A Free Consultation

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