What has your backyard done for you lately? If your outdoor space feels more like a punishment than a peaceful, retreat-inspired oasis, B&B Custom Pools can help. Whether you’re looking to build an entertainment-friendly area that’s perfect for wining and dining or a resort-inspired getaway that focuses on all things water, our experienced staff knows how to make your dream a reality.

Why Custom Patio Design?

Every yard is different. There’s not only square footage to consider but also the shape of your yard. Custom design considers all kinds of existing structures. It can also accommodate your personal preferences in terms of aesthetics and how you’d use the finished product. Some people prefer a patio that borders their pool, creating a deck that’s ideal for sunbathing. Others want an extension right off the house with room for a grill, hot tub, and couches.

Working with experienced designers makes the planning process more efficient, too. We can identify potential problem areas early on, so things go smoother once the work is underway. We may also make suggestions or tweak your ideas for a better result. Patio professionals can tell you whether the floor treatment you chose is non-slip or introduce you to design features you didn’t even know existed.

The Benefits Of CAD/3D Modeling

It’s nice to have a sketch of your future patio to reference while your design is in progress, but patios are made to be used, not looked at. CAD, or computer-aided design, uses special software to create a 3D rendering of your outdoor space. This way, we can create a patio that complements your yard and play with various elements without making any actual purchases until you’re ready.

With CAD and 3D modeling, we can add landscaping features to see how bushes look verse trees — and we’ve got the in-house landscape designer and trusted contractors to help carry out that vision, too. If you’re interested in adding a patio and pool at the same time, we’ll ensure those designs go hand-in-hand.

How We Design Patios, Pools, And More

Every custom design starts with a comprehensive, no-cost consultation with the client. We’ll discuss the project specifications, including possible design features, the amenities you’re hoping for, and any concerns or special requests you may have. Then we’ll look at your actual yard to determine where everything should go.

Everything from soil type to utility lines could affect how your design is ultimately executed, so it’s helpful to know the size and shape of your overall patio layout early on in the design process.

Next, it’s time to bring on some of our trusted partners. Each of these reputable professionals is a master of his or her craft. With that expertise comes in-depth knowledge of important details unique to fencing, landscaping, and other specialties.

No need to worry about permits, either — we’ll take care of securing all required documentation, including submitting formal engineering plans and stormwater management calculations.

Finally, it’s time to break ground! You’ll have one last chance to check out your new patio as we map it out on-site. Discuss your expectations one more time with the construction manager, then watch as the site team progresses from breaking ground and building the patio to adding the perfect finishing touches.

Start Your Backyard Transformation Today

It takes time to turn an ordinary backyard from bleak to chic, but with B&B Custom Pools leading the way, you’ll love the design process as much as you’ll enjoy the result. To talk with someone on our team about patio design or pool renovations, contact us online or drop by our Emmaus, PA, location on Main Street.