Aerial View of Pool in Community

The requirements for designing and constructing a beautiful, fun, and safe commercial pool are vastly more complex than residential pools. At B&B Custom Pools (BBCP) in Emmaus, PA, we understand the complicated requirements for commercial pool construction and the unique needs of a wide variety of venues. Our design experts rely on the finest construction techniques and the latest innovations to create commercial swimming pools that perfectly blend your desired pool plans with current safety and regulatory requirements. We’re Lehigh Valley’s premier designer, builder, and renovation specialist of custom concrete commercial pools and spas. Our unwavering commitment to excellence and customer service sets us above our competition and ensures your pool design and build meets and exceeds industry standards.

Commercial Pool Requirements

The scale of commercial pool design is typically much larger than a residential build and must meet the needs of a diverse range of guests. Commercial swimming pool construction must also adhere to rigorous safety and legal standards, including stringent local, state, and federal health codes. You can count on our decades of industry expertise to guide you from start to finish.

We help you navigate through the paperwork, building codes, permitting processes, designing, and building to create the ideal pool for your business. Through our precise planning, design, and construction, we ensure your new commercial pool perfectly blends your designed function and appearance with all regulatory considerations. Our unique approach to pool design and construction emphasizes customer service and communication to ensure your satisfaction and a seamless, stress-free process. When the safety and enjoyment of your guests are at stake, you’ll appreciate our attention to detail at every corner.

Design And Construction Details

BBCP has been building quality commercial pools for years. We build indoor and outdoor public pools, condominium pools, apartment pools, hotel pools, and fountains and always adhere to industry standards. Whether your commercial swimming pool is geared towards recreation, relaxation, exercise, sport, or a combination of activities, our expert staff helps you create a beautiful, durable, and fully functional pool that lasts for decades. The finest public pool designs also expertly blend the surrounding architecture and landscape with your unique array of aquatic activities.

When you’re ready to build your commercial pool, we provide an initial, no-cost consultation to discuss the specifics of your project, including design features, pool amenities, and any special requirements. Our knowledgeable team helps you select an appropriate size for your pool and determines which of our design partners would best fulfill your project’s requirements. We work with some of the most respected contractors in the industry, so all of our partners are top-notch in the trade. Together, we create a custom swimming pool design to meet your site requirements while adhering to relevant building codes, safety requirements, and public pool regulations. We render our swimming pool proposals through CAD master plans, but they can also be hand-drawn.

Following your final approval of our design, we obtain the necessary permits. Securing permits is a time-consuming process, but you’ll have no worries. Our dedicated staff always ensures all documentation is in order and permits properly secured before we break ground. Construction begins with the excavation of your site. Once complete, we cover the pool floor with a crushed stone base. We rough-in the plumbing and reinforce the structure with a steel rebar cage to assure stability. Once we add the gunite shell, we create the strongest in-ground pool on the market. We inspect and approve each structural element to ensure the utmost in quality and longevity.

Commercial Pool Construction Experts

In addition to new commercial pool construction, we also renovate existing pools for operational or cosmetic repair. We’re fully licensed in Pennsylvania, and New Jersey have proudly served the Lehigh Valley and surrounding areas since 1973. For the best in commercial swimming pool design and construction, you can count on our talented team of pool experts. Contact us at 610-965-POOL to discuss your commercial pool needs, and we’ll get started on your design today.