Outdated Pool in Backyard


B&B Custom Pools will help you when it is time to make your pool like new again. Over time, even the best tile and interior finish will need a facelift. Allow our renovation specialist to help you plan for your renovation.

Renovated Pool in Bsckyard


Initial Consultation

If you know your pool isn’t living up to its potential but aren’t sure where to start, trust our renovation specialist for guidance and ideas. We have over 45 years of experience giving makeovers to pools in Emmaus and the surrounding area, so call B&B Custom Pools today to schedule a no-cost inspection of your pool. During our visit, you can share your observations and let us know what you’d like to accomplish with your swimming pool renovations.

Our specialist will help you understand all your options to restore your pool. If you’re looking for design elements or accessories, we’ll share our observations on decking, coping, tile, plaster, equipment and pool covers. However, we understand that this is your project and that you have the final say in how it all comes together. Just leave the execution to us.

Proposal For Swimming Pool Reservations

When we present our cost estimate, we also provide a road map of how long the swimming pool renovations might take. We will discuss options so you can choose the one that best meets your vision and budget. After you receive the proposal, take as much time as necessary to review the plans before scheduling the project start date with our B&B Custom Pools team.

Review And Scheduling

During the final review, we go over all the options again and tweak anything that needs to be changed. Then, our renovation specialist will show you a wide spectrum of pool tiles and finish options. Many pools are finished with white marbelite plaster, or pool plaster. Marbelite is a combination of marble dust and white cement that acts as an interior finish over the pool’s cement shell. We can leave it white or apply color during construction. Swimming pools made with Marbelite last over 40 years with appropriate care.

If you want the look and feel of a mountain lake or the shore of a tropical blue ocean, our quartz or pebble upgrades can transport you there on a daily basis. Visit our NPT Pool Finishes site to get some ideas and customize your pool water color. Once you finalize your plans and give us the go-ahead, we can schedule your swimming pool renovations as quickly as time permits.

Renovation Work

Once started, renovations tend to move along quickly. The first step is demolition of existing features that are going to be replaced. Next, our professional crew makes the necessary changes to the tile, plaster, decking or filtration equipment.

Finishing Steps

Unveiling your gorgeous new pool isn’t the end of your renovation journey. To make sure your pool maintains its appearance for years to come, proper maintenance is required.

The water chemistry has to align with health and safety requirements, and your new pool must be thoroughly brushed to keep plaster dust to a minimum. Brushing two times per day also reduces the occurrence of algae between uses. Refer to the National Plasterers Council’s Pool Start-up Guidelines or have one of our professionals consult with you. Review B&B Custom Pools’ Pool Care Guide to learn all you need to know about maintaining your pool.

B&B Custom Pools is consistently praised by our customers for a commitment to designing and delivering the outdoor living space you’ve been dreaming of. Call us at (610) 965-POOL (7665), to start your swimming pool renovations today.