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Whether originally built by BBCP or another pool company in the area, you probably have enjoyed your pool for many years. That being said at some time or another all pools will need to be renovated. Pool renovation is another aspect of B&B Custom Pools as a complete pool service provider. Pool renovations can vary greatly from just a cosmetic make over to a complete overhaul of the filtration system. This is how we work at BBCP:


Initial Consultation

Our highly trained pool expert will schedule, at no cost, an on-site inspection of your pool. You will discuss what you have observed over time and go over the options you would like to have done as well the necessary measures to ensure the extended life of your pool. Our representative will do a thorough inspection and take all the necessary notes of their observation. This may include tile, coping, decking, plaster, equipment, and pool covers.


Our staff will take all the gathered information and put together the proper game plan and cost proposal for the renovation of your pool. This will include all the options to allow you as many choices as possible for the renovation of your pool.

Review and Scheduling

You will then meet with us to go over the proposal and all the options we can provide so that you can make the best decisions for the next step in the renovation process. We will schedule an appointment to visit our showroom to see some tile and pool finish options. The standard pool finish is white marbelite plaster. This will give your pool a beautiful early morning blue sky color. If you really want to enhance the look of your new pool & feel like you are relaxing by a mountain lake or along a crystal clear blue ocean consider one of our quartz or pebble upgrades. Visit Wet Edge Pool Finishes for some ideas and how to choose your pool water color. Once all the decisions are made and approved your project will then be placed in the schedule to be started as time allows.

Renovation Work

The renovation process of a pool is typically a pretty quick process. It starts with the demo and disposal of existing conditions followed up by the installation of the new materials from tile to plaster, to decking, to filtration equipment.  There have even been projects where the renovation includes a complete overhaul of the surrounding landscape.  At that point we include one of our respected partners in the landscape industry to work with us on your pool renovation.

Your New Pool Finish

Now that you have a gorgeous looking pool there are some key responsibilities to insure the integrity and beauty of your pool remain intact for years to enjoy. With the ownership of a pool finish one of the most important things is maintaining proper water chemistry and the pool should be regularly and thoroughly brushed to avoid the precipitation of plaster dust from forming scale on surfaces. Brushing also discourages algae from taking root while the pool is un-chlorinated. This is essential in preserving the aesthetic beauty as well as attaining the expected longevity of pool surfaces. We recommend you follow the National Plasterers Council Pool Start-up Guidelines or have a well trained and educated pool professional consult you on this process. Please use our Pool Care Guide for a quick reference in taking care of your pool.

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