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B&B Custom Pools prides itself on having a different approach to your specific pool project compared to the other companies in our industry. Yes, we are here to build your pool but we work to make the process of the complete construction project as seamless for you, the homeowner, as possible.  Our goal is to allow you to sit back while your project, from start to finish, is completed in a professional and timely manner. This is how we work:

Initial Consultation

BBCP rep will meet, at no cost, to discuss your dreams of what you are looking for in your backyard oasis! We will look at all the possible amenities on the pool and beyond. The proper site selection for the pool will be determined at that time as well and we will decide on the best partners of B&B to be brought in for your specific project.

Design Process

Now the fun begins!! BBCP will work closely with the chosen landscape contractor/designer in coming up with the perfect design to fit your every desire for your backyard oasis. We will gather our combined thoughts and ideas as well as site information to assure the pool is built within the required setbacks and building codes.  This will then be hand drawn or a CAD drawing will be constructed as a master plan for your review and approval.

Engineering /Permits

Once your design and budget for your project has been approved by you our office staff then begins the process of taking care of the permit process. Homeowners are vey happy they do not have to deal with this as it can sometimes be quite time consuming and laborious. Depending on the township, engineering plans and storm water management may be needed to be designed and calculated for submission. This is where one of our trusted and reliable partners comes into play. Rod Chirumbolo, of Bolo Engineering, handles all the survey and engineer work for us. You will be happy to have him prepare these plans for you as he is there to ensure the acceptance of your pool design by the township.


Let’s get to work! Now that your plans have been approved and permit granted we can now begin the construction process. Be prepared for a mess! BBCP will layout your pool on site before any work will commence.  This gives you the opportunity to see the pool in place and meet our construction manager.

We will go over what you can expect during the construction phase of your project. With a final thumbs up from you we can now begin excavation. This is typically a one to two-day process. From there we cover the floor of your pool with a crushed stone base, we install the rough plumbing, and reinforce the structure with a steel rebar cage.  Once that is inspected and approved, we then shoot the thick gunite shell for your pool giving you the strongest in-ground pool available. From the day of excavation to the shooting of your shell is typically no more than two weeks. We do not like to have an open hole left in your yard longer than necessary.  Then we take care of coordinating the rest of the construction with all of our partners in finishing your project. Again, we want you to sit back and enjoy the process of seeing your dreams come to reality in front of your very eyes!

Interior Finish

We will schedule an appointment to visit our showroom to see all of your tile and pool finish options. The standard pool finish is white marbelite plaster. This will give your pool a beautiful early morning blue sky color. If you really want to enhance the look of your new pool & feel like you are relaxing by a mountain lake or along a crystal clear blue ocean consider one of our quartz or pebble upgrades. Visit Wet Edge Pool Finishes for some ideas and how to choose your pool water color.


Throughout the construction of the pool we will be working closely with the chosen landscaper for your project. They will add the beauty and functionality of your yard to compliment your new pool. This will include anything from lush plants, trees and shrubs, to outdoor living spaces.  As simple or grand as you are looking for, our trusted landscape partners will accommodate your every want and need to create a beautiful backyard oasis.

Customer Orientation

Once your project is complete and you have gotten over the shock of how beautiful your back yard is one of our technicians will come in to start up your pool. We are here to make sure you have many years of enjoyment with your new pool.  Our highly trained technician will help you to protect your investment by taking you step-by-step through the proper maintenance and care of your pool. There are some key responsibilities to insure the integrity and beauty of your pool remain intact for years to enjoy. With the ownership of a pool finish one of the most important things is maintaining proper water chemistry and the pool should be regularly and thoroughly brushed to avoid the precipitation of plaster dust from forming scale on surfaces. Brushing also discourages algae from taking root while the pool is un-chlorinated. This is essential in preserving the aesthetic beauty as well as attaining the expected longevity of pool surfaces. We recommend you follow the National Plasterers Council Pool Start-up Guidelines or have a well trained and educated pool professional consult you on this process. Please use our Pool Care Guide for a quick reference in taking care of your pool. We offer valet service for the continued care of your pool if you so desire or if you are a real do-it-yourselfer we have our very own retail store and in-house pool care professional to help you understand your pools chemistry and provide any necessities for your pool.

I hope this helps to give you a good visual and understanding of how we, at the B&B Custom Pools family, works to bring your backyard dreams to life.

We look forward to working with you on your backyard oasis!


Ed Mehlig